Affected by Bribe or Corruption? Use this “Zero Rupee” Note


Yes, you heard that right !! India  has a zero rupee note that can be used to fight bribe and corruption.

So, Next time a Government official asks you for a bribe, give them the zero rupee note. 

We all have gone through this system in India maybe once or many times in our lives where we need to bribe the government official to get our work done. Sometimes its the Senior Citizens of our country who need to approve their pension or Someone who needs approving any business project or even a small task such as police verification for passport, we all have gone through this part of bribery.


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According to official records for bribe at website , the total bribe amounted over 2800 + crore rupees. We can’t even imagine the amount of bribe paid which is not in the records !!



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The Zero Rupee Note

In 2007, a non-profit organization called 5th Pillar came up with the idea of zero rupee note to fight against corruption and bribery.

 President of 5th Pillar, Vijay Anand, expressed satisfaction with the programme. He said, “People have already started using them and it is working. One auto-rickshaw driver was pulled over by a policeman in the middle of the night who said he could go if he was ‘taken care of’. The driver gave him the note instead. The policeman was shocked but smiled and let him go.


Over 3 million notes have been distributed across the country. The 5th Pillar, with the help of volunteers, started distributing the Zero Rupee notes at local market places, bus depots and railway stations to raise awareness about the campaign and reminding common folk of their rights as citizens of the country.


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[Artice Source : indiatimes/sw]