Out of sultan’s 500 cr earnings, yrf and salman khan earned…




Sultan crossed 500 crore mark worldwide in just 12 days, and has broken all records. But how much salman and yrf have earned lets find out.

Altogether salman and yrf have around 18% of this which stands around 84 crore to be precise.Confused?


ConFused? Let’s see the calculation

Out of total                                    500 crore

->Entertainment Tax                 -106 crore(goes to state’s coffer, vary from state to state)


->Yrf Distributor posters            -20 crore

-> Yrf Distributor profit              – 59 crore

->Cinema hall charges                -157 crore

->Production Cost                         -70 crore

-> Non theatrical deals                +20 crore

NET AMOUNT                       =  108 crore 

Net income income is 108 crore, plus the yrf distributor profit made it to a total of 167


Salman’s   Share

Media reports suggest that Salman had struck a Rs 100 crore deal with YRF or 50 per cent of the total profit. This was based on the assumption that the movie would make Rs 200 crore for YRF.

Taking the 50 per cent deal formula, both Salman and YRF has earned Rs 83.5 crore (half of YRF’s total earning of Rs 167 crore) from the movie, till date.




[source/ image: indiatvnews/boxofficecollection]