John Cena uploaded a pic of virat kohli, and the reason is not him !!!


John Cena is one of the hottest WWE  Superstar at the moment.So when he does something on social media, it becomes viral.

On July 20th, he suddenly uploadeda picture of virat kohli on instagram.


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Why would he randomly put up the photo of a cricketer? Americans don’t usually follow the sport. And honestly, it won’t come as a surprise if Cena hasn’t heard of the man who has a million more followers than he himself does on Instagram.

So, Why did he do it?

We guess it’s because last night, John Cena was drafted into the Smackdown brand of WWE.

Well… Smack Down’s colour theme is blue, whereas Raw is red!

John seemed keen to upload a picture that promotes the word “Blue” and that’s when Cena must have stumbled upon “Bleed Blue”, which was the Indian Cricket Team’s Nike slogan for sometime in the past.

Because right after uploading Virat Kohli’s image, Cena uploaded a meme that said “Keep Calm And Bleed Blue” obviously referring to Cena’s support of the blue colour of Smackdown.


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[source: instagram/indiatimes]