This 13 year old created and sells his company to orahi !!

13 year old boy Akshat Mittal Created and sold his company to orahi. whoa!! I don’t remember doing anything other than watching pokemon and other cartoons (:P).

What iS matches individuals to potential ride-share or carpool in the direction of their commute, similar to carpool app orahi.

When was the website developed

The site was developed and launched in December 2015 by the standard 9 student anticipating the odd-even vehicle rule implemented by the Delhi government in January this year, to control pollution in NCR.

Akshat Mittal  is a class 9 student at Amity International School. He will be a part of the company’s technical advisory board and will be mentored by Orahi for a year.

The Website Currently has 30,000 registered users. It raised Rs 3.5 crore from a group of investors from the Indian Angel Network (IAN).




[source : economictimes]