His Employees gifted him his dream Tesla car, just because…

The CEO  of Gravity Payment Solutions, got his dream car Tesla Model S, from his employees as a gift.

He posted photo of the same, as he coudn’t believe it.

Reason He got the Gift

On 13 April 2015, he announced a minimum wage of $70,000 for the employees of the company. As a appreciation a year later, the employees came up with a surprise.

They Shared the Video of him reacting to the gift


Well, looks like a promising Boss, and promising employees. Soon, he was on the cover of inc. magazine.

What Was the reason of the increase in the wages

So, you all must be thinking of some generous person, right?

well he has some secret to hide.

It was reported that the decision of a paycut was possibly the result of a lawsuit threat by his brother Lucas Price, co-founder of Gravity. Dan was accused by his brother of keeping his salary too high and violating Lucas’ minority shareholder rights. The court ruled in favour of Dan.


Irrespective of the intention, the move was greatly applauded by the employees.




What If Our Bosses in India would be like this, We would probably gift them a holiday package to thailand (;p)

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