Forbes List of highest paid celebs – included shahrukh khan and akshay kumar

Forbes recently released list of Highest Paid Celebrities of 2016.

Shah Rukh ranks 86th on the list with earnings of USD 33 million ( 221 crore rupees. approx)

while Akshay comes in on the 94th spot with USD 31.5 million earnings ( 211 crore rupees approx)

Forbes said the SRK “continues to rule Bollywood’s box office” with lead roles in hit films and also earns multimillion dollars upfront fees and a cut of the back end for his efforts. He also cashes in on endorsement deals for dozens of brands most Americans have likely never heard of.”

Akshay Kumar however slipped in ranks this year from 76th in 2015. Forbes added that he is one of Bollywood’s busiest leading men and banked top rupee for three hit films.



The Highest paid celeb was taylor swift with whooping amount of  USD 170 million (1140 crore approx.) [ ::jaw drop:: ]

Next was music band One Direction with USD 110 million (738 crore approx)

The top 10 included were

1 Taylor Swift

2 One Direction

3 James Patterson

4 Dr. Phil McGraw

4 Cristiano Ronaldo

6 Kevin Hart

7 Howard Stern

8 Lionel Messi

9 Adele

10 Rush Limbaugh